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Händig@Home with Heley

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Handy design really comes to life in our users' homes. Who are behind our desks and in which interiors will they be placed? You can read that in this section Händig @ Home: we regularly talk to a Händig user about their home office and interior.   After living as an expat in Prague for a long time, Heley moved into a renovated design apartment in the heart of Utrecht a month and a half ago. A new site also means a new interior, in industrial style. With her busy job as Transformation Lead at Nationale Nederlanden, the working days...

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7 tips to create the ultimate home office

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Due to the coronavirus, many of us are forced to work from home for a long period of time. This took some getting used to. You spend the days with your laptop at the kitchen table or at a self made “desk” in your bedroom. If you work from home a lot and you do not have a home office setup and/or furniture, this can have serious consequences for your posture and your health. For the time being, keeping a physical distance from others is still the new reality and working from home is becoming the norm for many people. Investing...

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The story behind Händig

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From building large stages to making furniture. You may have seen us in the Dutch tv commercial of Nationale Nederlanden. Händig founders and entrepreneurs Mark Snoeijen and Bjorn Berkers are usually responsible for the immense stages at major festivals or events all over the world. That was, until the COVID-19 outbreak completely shut down the events industry. There was no time to stress about the lack of projects and it was not in their nature to do so either. Mark and Bjorn immediately started thinking about how to use their creativity and skills in a different way.The machines that they normally...

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